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suspension shakes like crazy when i hit a bump.

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the roads where i live are terrible. there are bumps and pot holes on teh highways and smaller roads as well. anyways, when i hit one my truck feels like the entire wheels and suspension are going to fall off and shake apart.

Is this because i need new shocks? or another problem?



Chris Prater


2003 silverado ss, stock height, stock suspension.

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How many miles on the truck? Could be a handful of things. Any wrecks or bent frame? Tire Condition? Yea shocks or maybe just a loose bolt, haha. Happened to me man. I would just make sure everything is tight. But if you do need any shocks talk to NorcalSS, he`ll take care of you. Good luck sir.

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Mine does too man. Slowly getting better. Found play in the front wheel bearings, shocks where done, brakes where rattling and adding to the sound. Next weekend it's on to standard tune up and suspension bushings. Finding that it's not one thing that did it it's multiple things. Also the rubber bushings still look good but flex alot easier then their replacements. Local parts store doesnt even ask which vechile i need parts for anymore. my truck has 120,000 miles i'm finding that nothing is actually broke but alot of things are just wearing. Glad i enjoy working on my truck routinely.

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