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Blown SS vs Modded G8


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So as some of you may know I recently purchased a G8 GT ( pics below). So obviously it would only make sense to join a forum to learn more about the car, pros and cons, and any modifications that can be done to it. So going through forum I run across a post about a guy who has a friend at work with a blown SS that said he would beat the other guys modded G8. I just though it was funny since I love both vehicle so much. However I had to say the winner would be the SS. I'm sure some of the G8 guys didn't like that opinion too much lol.


What do you guys think? Link to the post below...




Pics of the new DD. Kinda crappy pics...















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I think that race would be a close one, i think the SS would take the lead but i think a modded G8 can take the SS in the long run, especially because the SS has the lower gears


BTW im super jelous of your car, I want one so bad. Im trying to convince my wife to let me trade in her Tahoe for one, but she was concerned about the snow and rwd, and how to haul the dogs. If it was not for the snow I would probably do it

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That dude Troy is kind of being a dick about any other opinion anyone has lol. I think the SS should take it as long as they don't do like 60 roll. But it would be pretty close imo.


Onto your ride.


SWEET! I almost got one instead of my SS but the price tag back then was too high. I love the g8's keep her clean man.

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Thanks guys! I'm digging the car. The only thing I am going to do is some appearance mods like debadge it, HIDs and probably get some black rims (not plasti-dip). Then I might consider intake, tune and exhaust. But after that I draw the line lol.


Ya I have found that most G8 owners think their cars are better than they actually are. Almost every one of them will say that their G8 will beat a GTO. Maybe it will, but the number just doesn't add up.


Pontiac G8 GT

Weight 4100lbs

HP 361

TQ 385

Claimed 1/4 mile time 13.7


Pontiac GTO

Weight 3800lbs

HP 400

TQ 395

Claimed 1/4 time 13.3

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