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Help! Exhaust setup


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Hey guys, i have a 2007 vortex max nnbs 6.0.

I plan on running American racing headers 1 7/8" primaries x 3" collectors. I'm in a predicament, i rushed ahead without thinking. I bought 2 spin tech 9000 mufflers single 3" inlet and outlet, and planned on running 3" true duals. I talked to Nick the owner of ARH, he advised to me that i would lose a lot of torque in doing this, as his kit comes with a y pipe that merges into a single. For being just a bolt-on truck daily driver, what would be my best option (i have plans in the future for an engine build, maybe forced induction..) ? I don't think i can return the mufflers, i will check in the A.M to see if they shipped yet.

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i was thinking maybe going into an x-pipe after headers then dual out into mufflers and turn downs maybe 2 1/2" or 2 3/4"...but honestly Ive never ran headers on a vehicle, and i don't want to lose any performance gains from any of the mods i will be adding to my truck.

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Well y merges the 2 pipes into one hence the "Y" and x pipe crosses the 2 exhaust streams like an "X"


I'm not sure how i'm gone run my new exhaust just yet, I have the 3.5" ypipe so I may run 3.5 single all the way back or dual 3. Not sure. And no problem man. You'll definitely love the sound

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