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What do yall think?

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Hey guys it wasnt letting me post this is the cam guide so i appologize for this. But i have a 2006 sa silverado it is bone stock besides my volant cai. I am going to do lt headers, corsa cat back, a tune and i also was wodering what u guys think about the ms4 cam with maybe the circle d 3200 stall. Or will i need more stall? I am goig to do the springs and whole nine yards when i do the cam. I appreciate it guys u have been very helpful and i just wanted to get your opinion on this setup i am thinking about going with. I want to have a street truck that plants you in the seat pretty damn hard. Down the road i might go forced induction but for now this is what i would like to do

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think smaller. even a ms3 is to big for our trucks IMO, unless your looking for a track truck that can drive on the street. I have a 235 cam, decent sized heads, small headers and a short runner intake and my HP peaks at 7200. I'm running a 4500 stall and its close but not big enough. Granted a long runner intake can tame the power band down a little but i would still look into the 228 range of cams for a normal street truck with a lot of potential.


Don't jump on the large cam band wagon, once your there you see the grass is not green. high pressure springs, less valve guide life, less spring life, high power bands, high stalls.....Get a smaller cam and get a larger set of great flowing heads to make the cam work.


Just to put things into perspective, i ran a 12.8 pass on a 224 cam and 3800 stall. With lower compression and a stock rockers and a 28-2900 stall it was in the low 13s

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Do you have any other engine upgrades in the future like heads, blower, or Nitrous? Even the small upgrades like intakes etc make a difference. If so getting a cam that will make power for the setup, its a must. You would need to let either a engine builder, or a good cam guy know your plans for the future as well, to get you the right cam. Otherwise you will be doing 2 cam swaps.

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Well for right now i want it to have a nice thump to it and i deff want to notice a big difference after i do the cam stall headers and exhaust and all. I want it to really plant me in my seat. The truck isnt my DD.


You don't need a big cam to plant you in the seat. You can use a cam that has great driveablity, easy to tune, makes more vacuum so you stop better, goes like hell and sounds good. My 224 cam put down 425 to the wheels through the stock intake and tb and pulled 3 1.6 60 foot times at the track with the higher converter.


Adding a ms3 cam (MS3: 237/242, .603"/.609", 113 LSA) with a 3200 converter or even a 4000 converter will 60 foot slower then 224-228 cam because your not going to be using the converter that matches the need power band. Odds are it will also be slower on the top end because you'll be shifting to early for the cams peak power.


Have you searched for idle clips of 224-228 cams in our trucks to see if it suites your likes?

  • to compare for you my 224 cam with a victor intake put down 465 rwhp, my 235 cam with MUCH better heads(around $2800), 102 tb and higher compression put down 504.
  • my best 60 foot times with my 224 cam and 3800 converter where 1.68x, 1.69x, and 1.633, so far with my 235 cam and 4500 converter i pulled one 1.695 60 time
  • i ran 12.82 with a 224 cam and stock intake, lower compression, cheaper heads, and a ton less money, so far i ran 12.41 with the 235 cam and a crap load of better parts
  • the 224 cam sounded great, but ran around town like it was stock, the 235 cam is ok to drive after a ton of hours of tuning.
  • the 224 cam shifted around 6600 i think, my 235 shifts at 7200 and its not high enough...but my balls are not big enough to shift higher
  • every time a put my foot into my truck, with this cams power band, i wonder if it will be the last

I also had a cam spec'd by Patrick G for a stock cubed truck looking to run a 12 sec. pass. It was spec'd for a 3100 stall, 225 heads, 1.75 headers, and a 6400 shift point. A guy that specs cams for a living said to use a 226 cam for those specs and goals. The 3100 stall was not enough for that cam, but it still ran a 13.2 in a heavy SS(with stock rims and tire size) and put down 465 to the rear tires through the stock intake.


I can try to find/post some idle clips if you are interested

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Yeah thanks dude i appreciate it too. Thats why i am posting because i know a lot of you guys have been there done that. I want the truck to idle rowdy, but the last thing i want is to sitting at a light next to someone and come up on the stall and it be a total dog out of the whole because i went over board on the cam. There are so many cams out there its like rediculous to decide on what to go with. I dont really want anything higher then a 3200 stall. Ive seen people make these mistakes with going to big on a cam without the right converter and stuff, but i just cant make a decision

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IMO i would stick close to a 222-224(intake) 113-114 with a 3200 stall to be spot on. But thats not to say you can't go a little bigger and not have fun. A 226 is still in the ball park, maybe on a 113 and a 228 is still doable but if you pay attention i think you'll feel the dead spot until you get into the power band. You can run a lower duration cam like a 224 and run a 112 lsa to get the sound your looking for to, but lsa also affects when the power comes on and how long it pulls. Stock heads will also help tame everything down for now, but it does sound like heads will be in your future. At that time you can up the compression as well.


If you really get into it, you also need to pick a cam that has the dynamic compression you want. A cam will bleed compression off and after the cam is done the compression that is left is called dynamic compression ratio or DCR. This also effects how good your truck will run. When your looking at cams, if they list the valve events, you can use a calc to figure out the dcr of a cam you may want to buy and compare it to other cams and pick your winner that way.


Or you can give zippy a call and say i need a cam, what works? He knows! Tell him stall and your plans and thats it.


Or you can pay patrick g 25 bucks or so and tell him you want a cam for a stock compression lq9, you want to target 66-6800 shift points, you want the cam to match a 3200 stall, thinking around 8.9-9.0 dcr and see what he specs out. Odds are it will be a custom grind on EPS lobes.


Ed curtis also specs cams but you have to buy the cam before he gives you the specs. I understand this, and he is one of the top guys in his field, but i wanted the final decision to be up to me. I DON'T know better then him, but if i didn't like the specs i didn't want it.


If 25-50 bucks won't kill you, you can learn a lot just by getting a recommendation from patrick g. You can also call comp and tell them what your thinking. And you can call texas speed and tell them what your thinking, but they tend to spec on the big side of things...ask me how i ended up with a 235 cam when patrick g said 230 for my set up.....and zippy said.....good luck with your RACE truck


This is of coarse just my small opinion based on what i have learned through my builds and working on my buds SSS

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You will get a decent chop with a 224-228 range cam. I am running the TSP-228R, nice choppy idle, great power band(shifts at 6400-6500), but it takes a bit of work to fine tune it. 1st shakedown run with a 3000 stall, this truck went 13.6. Even though that TC was flashing to 3100, it was not enough for that cam. I just upgraded to a 3400 stall, but haven't gotten back to the track yet. Traction is a major problem now.


Startup and idle before the fine tuning was done.....



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