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SS tahoe. for sale??? never seen one.


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Not sure if this is a true SS tahoe. ive never seen one. they say it was a concept truck??? either ways its pretty neat. if its a clone its well done with all the cladding.


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That is real cool. My wife would love this. I converted her to the SS club when we first met and got her in a Blue 2006 SS Impala with the 5.3L. She likes it alot but wants a something bigger for our growing family our first born is due Dec 2nd. I am pushing to go with a SSTB. LOL This SS Tahoe clone would be just as nice.

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I believe thats the real deal concept vehicle with all the info he has. I believe their was one made, as their are pictures of it on the internet showing the concept SS truck in both the model produced as concept vehicles: ECSB and the one that was put together in RCSB form (not produced). Also in those same set of pictures was the Tahoe SS concept vehicle.

However, I do not know the dates when the SS concept truck was made....so that leaves a big question as it was the new body style at the time. Did it take GM 3 years to make the Silverado SS? I know their was the badass red Silverado SS truck that wasnt put into production with the older body style (not GMT-800 platform). Shawn you can probably remember the red SS truck as it was created by the guy at wheel2wheel.

Ill have to dig deep to see where I can find those pictures of the concept Tahoe SS.

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