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Military Green Wheels

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I was wondering if anyone has tried out "Military Green" from Plastidip?


I was thinking of dipping my wheels for the winter to try and cut back on salt damage etc.


From what I can tell it's a flat OD Green, depending on how it looks i may do the whole works, grill, cutouts etc.


Just curious to know if anyone has seen a flat green look against our high gloss onyx black?


If it looks bad I'll probably just go with the standard flat black since it's just for the winter anyway.

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I know it's going to look the same lol


I meant how the colors will mesh together, high gloss onyx black with od green, since one is high gloss and one is flat, I can't picture in my head how they'd match up or if they'd clash and look terrible.


lol, here we go, I attempted to photoshop it ;)




I think the actual color is darker but that doesn't look horrendous I suppose (my photoshopping does though)

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