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shipping to canada


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A normal shipping company like UPS, etc. just make sure you insure whatever you ship, get tracking information. the only thing is once its out of the US, the tracking wont work anymore. I had this happen to me when I shipped a bike part back, It went out of the US and into customs and supposidly got lost. Trying to get ahold of anyone in customs etc is a pain. I ended up filing a dispute and got my money back after 4 months.


just do as much as you can to cover your ass so it doesnt come back on you if something were to happen.



As for the actual shipping, get a old pallet, go buy some metal straps and strap that sucker down. I would wrap it first is shrink wrap several times .

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never ever use ups or fedex they suck big donkey balls and the guy will have to pay broker fee's at the door


use tnt dhl or usps for the t case its light enough


i have a shipping place just over the border that i ship to and pick it up myself best way

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Talk with some local trucking companies and see if they will back load it for some cash. I did this with a t-56 for my old 91 S10 build. I think it cost me 300 bucks and i had to drive about 45 minutes to pick it up.

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