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Heater core took a dump...


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It first started with white vapor coming out of my air vents. About a week ago and a few days later my truck started running super hot so I stopped, let it cool, and got some antifreeze. Didn't work so I had it towed in and they said its my heater core that needs to be replaced. Now they need to tare my dash out to replace it... its gonna be in the shop for a few days and I know its gonna be a big bill in the end.. >_>


as for the time being, I convinced my mom to let me drive her 04 c5 Corvette (truck is daily driven) while its getting fixed.. so that's pretty cool I guess lol

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Ask them to find a copper replacement (if it's not too late).


I can't afford to be calling them to replace more stuff and add more money to the bill lol


My guess depending on the shop, would be between 800 to 1,000


And they said from between 600-1000 lol good guess!!


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Congrats :thumbsup: That is lower than I was guessing it would be.


Did you take it to a dealer or an independent shop?


It was dealer. My dad works there so i got a better deal.


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