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Guys so like I said before I am still learning a lot.. I always see people on this forum and others saying there running 3.23, 3.13 etc.. how exavtly do gears work and what do they help with?

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Your Rear End Gears covert the rotating motion of the drive shaft into usable forward or reverse motion.

There are lots of different gear ratios and they determine how easily or how fast the rear wheels spin.


The Higher the Gear the Lower the Number, the Lower the gears the Higher the Number. For Example the AWD SS has 4.10 rear gears and I beleive the 2WD is 3.73. So the AWD has lower gears than the 2WD. Lower gear = Faster acceleration but lower top end speed. Higher gears= Slower acceleration but higher top end speed.


Thats one of the main reasons stock for stock a AWD SS will beat a 2WD off the line, but the 2WD will usualy real in the AWD in the end.

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Gears give more/less mechanical advantage, allowing your engine to go through it's rpm range in a gear faster or slower. Think of a peddle bike, 4:10s is 1st gear 3.23s is 3rd gear. What happens when you try to start out in 3rd gear on a peddle bike? It's a total dog, but you have a higher top speed. Now don't get your transmission gears and differential gears confused, you can't change your transmission gears ratio (well you can, but it's pretty pricey and in most cases pointless). Differential gears change your FINAL DRIVE RATIO. Basically look at the gear number and put a 1 after it ex. 4.10/1 or 3.23/1 so 4.10 revolution of the input (driveshaft) = 1 revolution of the output (axel). Now let's look at the peddle bike reference again, if you have a 4.10/1 gear, that means you'll get just over 8 pumps (each pump is half a rotation on the gear) on the peddle before getting 1 rotation of the tire. Now if you put a 3.23/1 gear you'll get just over 6 pumps on the peddles and go the same distance. You picking up what I'm puting down man?

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