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AWD Conversion Questions

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What’s up guys?


So, my eventual plan is to drop an LS7 in the SSS if I can find a decent deal on one down the road when I’m ready. I also plan to drop in a 4l80 when I do the engine swap. One of my obvious concerns with adding a $h!t ton of horsepower is hooking up. I am considering the possibility of doing an AWD conversion. I would like to know first off if this is a stupid idea? Am I retarded for wanting to do this? Also I have a few more questions below:


What all do I need besides a transfer case, front diff, front axels?


I know with the 4l80 conversion I will need a shorter driveshaft. What if I just did the AWD conversion and not the 4l80 conversion, would I still need a different drive shaft?


Since my truck is 2wd I’m pretty sure my rear end has 3:73s, and AWD trucks have 4:10s. So if I buy a front diff off of someone I assume it will have 4:10s and I will need to change the gears in my rear end? Is that right?


I currently have 2” drop spindles and drop keys on the front, probably equivalent to about a 3” drop in the front. Will that be an issue with the AWD conversion? If I recall correctly, I think I’m alright. I think that is about the lowest AWD guys usually go in the front.


Is there such thing or even a reason to have traction bars on an AWD truck?


Lastly, what should I expect to pay for a transfer case, front diff, and any other components I may need?


Is there anything I missed? Other things I need to take into consideration?



Thanks in advance guys.


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That's a hell of a setup. I think it would be easier to do the AWD conversion.


AWD is a blast and very fun to drive! but that amount of hours and money you might as well look for a trade for an AWD SS or stay 2WD. a good lowered suspension and Soft tires will make night and day difference.


AWD does seem pretty bad ass. The hours I'll have, the money I'll get, I won't trade trucks though, too much sentimental value.

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