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Best bolt ons?

Kido SS

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what do I have to do to the transmission?


Upgrade to a 4L80E or get a FLT level 7. discussing which is better is like swatting a hornets nest on here. Use the search button as there's been several "debates" as to which is better.


*** or you can do corvette 2nd and billet 4th servos and a transgo HD2 shift kit and see how long your stock Trans holds up.

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Prices all depend on the brands and where you get them. Like said the average bolt ons that are first used is Cold Air intake, Intake manifold, Throttle body, headers, cat back exhaust, cylinder heads, and transmission and stall convertor.


Average prices.


Cold Air between $250 and $300

Intake manifold. $500 to $800

Throttle Body $450

Headers $900

Cat back exhaust $300 to $500

Cylinder heads $1200 to $2500

Built transmission $2000 to $3500

Convertor $500 and up


The prices given all depend on what brand, where you get them, and the strength of the parts and how far you want to go. They are an average start.

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