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SS front brake question/swap


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My truck is needing front brakes. I would like to change to something better than stock. Does the SS come with dual piston calipers on the front? I'm not sure what I have yet on mine as I took it to the tire shop to have winter tires put on it. I also plan on changing the rotors if needed if they are too small. Has anyone else that has done front brake conversions on these trucks know if the SS calipers & rotors are compatible with mine?

I see a ZO6 conversion too. What is needed for that conversion? Thanks for any help here.

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You can also look into the SSBC big brake kit for it. They are 14" fronts and rears with the required relocation brackets for both. I have them on mine and are very satisfied with them. They use the stock calipers BTW so there isn't a need to bleed the brakes. I can try to dig up the part number I had, but they also have a kit for the single piston rear caliper trucks as well.

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A good upgrade is the 2007+ NNBS front brake setup, just ask the Rotors, Calipers and Mounting brackets for a 2007 Tahoe. They are 13" vs the stock 12". I did the upgrade on my truck and it stops great.


(((((....ok ok ok.....)))))

wohh, so let me get this straight.

on my 03, ALL I have to do is buy 07 and up, 13" rotors of my choice?

and the Caliper brackets?

and the Calipers?

everything just BOLTS right UP???

thanx for the HELP GUYS!!


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Back to this guy's Question.




#1- If I find a 03-06 Silverado SS AWD, can I just use the rear wheel caliper & bracket and mount to the front of the truck. It would it bolt right up?


#2 - If I decide to buy the caliper and bracket from a 07 Tahoe (Which other vehicle will work?), should I buy the rear of front caliper & bracket?


If option #1 works, it will help keep the Silverado SS more original

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