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427/C5R build update....


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Here are some pictures of a motor-less SS and the block with the bottom end built.


Not much yet, but more to come in the next week or so.....


The only thing we're waiting on are some odds and ends parts and the heads but, they should be in by the end of the week.


I'll add more picture as I get them.........







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Holy Crap Jeff......!!!!!


I've seen you talking about a stroker. I just didn't know you were jumping right in.


I need to get off my butt. I've got a stroker kit and new heads sitting in my shed. I just haven't taken the time to get it built. Seeing your pics makes me want to get it underway.


What sized cam? Whose heads are you going to run?



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preeeetttty!!  I'm with BigTex... Those pictures are making my wrenchs jump around in the garage...



thinking of that, when you getting more cubes?



The callies rods shipped today. Then all I am waiting on is the heads, cam, injectors, pumps, and top end bolts. Hopefully soon :)

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All the parts are in, I still need some odds and ends part like front cover and oil pan but its getting closer.......I might be on the road next week...... :driving:


Parts List:


Heads: Mine will be hand finishing, so they will flow more the ones listed below.

(I misplace the sheet) :banghead:



Int_cc.................225 78 147 209 255 296 312 322

Exh_cc..................83 66 124 164 206 229 232 237


Custom Grind Cam, LS1 232/242 XER lobes 110ICL 112LSA

Lunati Pro-series LS1 4340 crank, 4.00" stroke, 2.559" main, 2.100" Pin

Lunati Pro-Mod Connecting Rods, 6.125" ROD LENGTH, .927 WRIST PIN, 2.100

CRANK PIN, .940 JRNL WIDTH (Includes ARP Connecting Rod Bolts)

Lunati Custom Forged pistons -17cc dish

Comp 850-16 lifters, Comp 7955-16 Chrome moly pushrods


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