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Oklahoma here


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2007 silverado classic, dealer installed ss package. not oem factory ss. truck came reg cab short wide bed with 4.8 v8, 4l60e, 10bolt open diff. victory red with grey interior. the dealer put the correct ss badges on the truck and took the chevrolet off the tailgate. had oem ltz 20" aluminum wheels it was nice enough, but as most know you can never leave well enough alone. truck now has a modded 6.2 lsx aluminum motor. ss headers, cai, hotcam, cnc ported heads, tune, @500hp. 4l80e trans, g80 factory locker 14bolt sf rear axle with disc brakes. rear axle converted to 6lug so it still looks like a 1/2ton. rear 2" shakle drops. sets nice. at one time i had 22" aftermarket wheels on it but couldnt keep them balanced so put the oem wheels back on.


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Welcome to the site, and that sound like a nice truck.


FYI There is no such thing as a dealer installed SS package. The dealers just slapped SS badges on it, and put larger wheels on it.


i agree. thats why i tell people ist not an oem factory ss. truthful i am. :)

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