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well it finally happened last night... rear end exploded at 60 mph


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well some of you know i was asking about my g80 locker being stuck and yall told me to change it bc it was about to go and sue enough last night traveling on a back road doing about 60 65 BAMMMMM!!!!!! not going to lie it scared the shit out of me lol.... it locked the wheels up for a good few sec then busted loose and rolled into a parking lott... well tried to put it in 4 high and try to limp home but nope the rear end wouldnt let it lol ........ but just went i got me a new auburn unit and a new set of gears and hopefully will get it fixed this weekend..... will post some pics later when i tear into it

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I second not getting an Auburn. I blew one out on my mustang after 8K miles and I don't drag race. I do hit a road course occasionally and I love back roads.


No noise or anything, just boom and left stranded. Auburn wouldn't cover it and they aren't rebuildable.


Good luck with the rebuild!

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