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For all Arctic Cat and Yamaha snowmobilers out there the all new YAMAC


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I was browsing tonight looking for a new sled and stumbled on this and to be honest I am very excited about it. A little bit about me.. I have been a long time yamaha loyalist not just because my daddy and friends said its the best but because I have never had any mahor problems with them from bikes to snowmobiles. I have worked as a motorsports mechanic for a few years for my fathers motorsports business and have seen them all. I chose yamaha for their reliability and performance but chasis and suspension have been lacking in the last few years. There are alot of fast sleds out there and there will always be something faster.


Recently I have been on the edge about the new 4 stroke Arctic cat sno pro and snocross models but didn't want to have to buy all new gear plus the engines are not as reliable and underpowered a little in my opinion except if you add the turbo but added weight and the 50hp increase well idk. sounds likes FORDS solution to a slow motor (Cough, Cough, Lightning, Cough). But now I have found the perfect sled with the best of both worlds.. Anyway now to the point of this topic lol.


Yamacat, otherwise known as the Yamaha 2014 SR Viper. A Yamaha Genesis 4stroke 1049cc in a SRV chassis nearly identical to Arctic Cats ProCross. Also, Arctic Cat’s FasTrack Slide-Action suspension is used, called the Dual Shock SR 129 in the Yamaha. Aparently this is a new deal that Yamaha and Arctic Cat made. Yamaha will let Arctic Cat use their 4stroke Genesis motor, in return Arctic Cat will let Yamaha use their chassis and suspension and build Yamaha's SR Viper in their Theif River Falls, MN plant. To me it is two great companies combining there best designs to make one of the best 4 stroke sleds if not the best on the market. I know some die hard loyalist to arctic cat and yamaha will bicker back and forth and be very upset but common sense and the bare truth is it will be a great sled regardless of whomevers opinions including my own LOL. If you don't believe me check it out. on the link or go to yamaha-motors yourself.





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