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NEW pics of the truck i promised you guys


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ok guys the past month or i have been doing some work to my truck getting it ready for a car show coming up, and i received an acceptance letter saying i was in the show.. i got my cowl hood painted the color of my truck less then a year ago, and the past couple weeks i decided to change the hood up a little bit and do something different so i had him do a smoke affect comming up the sides of the cowl, in the same color as my truck and a little pin stripping.


i installed a billet grill, clear corner headlights, hid's, zippy tune, carpeted the bed, put in bedlights, and put in 2 inch drop shackles, flood lights and had the hood painted,so here it is guys hope you all like it and gotta give a thanks to everyone who has helped me out!


















here are some videos of the air brush work, the "silverado" appears and disappears when the light hits it at certain angles click the picture to play video's








before and after drop shackles




and here is the bed




i put in these bed lights, they change 18 different colors, including bright white, they cycle through colors, different strobe options, stay on one single color, and even pulse to the beat of the music heres a video of some of it click the picture to play video





and here is the ss flood lights and hid's







here is the pics of my truck when i first got it




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thanks everyone!, and yes i know i tool a long time but i wantedto get everything situated before i posted pics, wanted to do it all as one lol... and yes the front needs to come down just a little bit i was going to do it yesterday, but then i got side tracked but will do it this week! and yes big helps from RB performance! ;) hahaha

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i agree bro, I also heard the two guys who started and runs it are great guys and does alot of the work also.

Yea but one of them slacks a little and has shackles and a servo he has yet to install =P haha

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Yea but one of them slacks a little and has shackles and a servo he has yet to install =P haha

between work and family I'm sure it's hard to find time I bet, I'm sure he will get it done.
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Very very true! But it's ok we all gotta understand that, gotta take care of the important first! I just like giving him a hard time, he's a real good guy and big help!

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