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Need HID help!!!!!


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Hey guys im trying to buy HIDs and im bout to pull my hair out i thought i could figure out what i needed but i went to Ddm tuning and got more confused when it started asking me bout bulb types. Im pretty sure i want 6k but what watt do i get 35 or 55 what type bulbs? Do i need to buy both a ballast for my highs and lows? Im so clueless. Thanks in advance guys

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When you buy the HIDs form DDM you will get 2 ballasts and 2 bulbs. If you want to get highs and lows you have to get 2 kits. One of the issues with aftermarket HID is that it takes a second for the bulbs to light up so if you have HIDs on your lows and highs and if you run your highs for a while when you switch back to your lows they wont light up fast and it will be almost dark and dangerous. So you need to also do the Hi-4 Mod so when you turn your highs on your lows stay on.


As far as 35W and 55w go. 55W are a little brighter, but they change the color temperature on the bulb. So if you want 6,000K they will be white with a little bit of blue, but if you get them in 55W they will look more like 4300K which is a whiter light. The lower the K rating the more light the bulbs put out on the road. 3500K are a yellow color, they are very bright but only used in fog lights. 4300K will give you the best light, and they are very white and what you find in stock vehicles with HIDs. The farther you go up the Kelvin rating the more blue the bulbs get and the less light output they actually have. I have had HIDs in every color from 3200K to 10000K and by far the 4300K are the best, they are awesome for brightness, but if its the blue look your going for then go wtih 6K or 7K.


DDM makes ok HID kits, they are not the best but they are inexpensive and they work fine. The biggest issues with them is how long it takes to get you HIDs. I ordered a set once and it took over a month to get them.


There is a member on here K.Brown Customs and he sells HID kits, I bought one and so far so good and he was able to get them to me in 2 days. They are only a couple bucks more than DDMs but you will get them ASAP

Here is a link to his for sale section


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