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Speeding Ticket


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My girl had an Alumni basketball game this weekend in Nenana (about an hour drive) and we were running behind because she got off of work late. So i threw her shit in the truck, plugged in the radar detector, and put the pedal to the floor. The entire drive is nothing but mountain pass, so you can really haul ass due to lack of traffic, and there is a passing lane up every hill so you dont get stuck behind a semi truck. I was keeping it around 80mph and we were making great time. I was approaching the top of a hill, and as soon as i reached the top, so did an unmarked trooper going the opposite way. Sure as hell, he turned his lights on, so i pulled over. Haha i looked in the rear view mirror and watched him do a 5 point turn trying to turn around on the top of that hill. Of course if he was anywhere else, my radar would have picked him up, but he was right at the top of the other side of hill. Anyway, he walked up to the vehicle and i explained that i was in a hurry to get to a basketball game. He said he'd rather have me get there late then not at all. I dont know why they think going an extra 10mph suddenly becomes life threatening and that im more prone to driving off a cliff? He went back to his car and was going through my record/writing a ticket for about 20minutes. Now i was getting pissed. I frickin told him i was in a hurry. Haha. When he came back to the truck window, he said "i gotta give you props on the truck. Ive only seen one other truck this nice and it was also an SS. I found it in a ditch this winter in anchorage and pulled the driver out of the window and put him right in a bag... Slow down and have a nice day". Then handed me a ticket!! How is he going to start to compliment my truck and lead me on to believe i might be getting out of this, then drop a bomb shell like that (telling me a fellow SS driver died this winter), then hand me a ticket and tell me to have a nice day?! Really?! I put the truck in drive, watched him do another 5point turn-around, and i proceeded towards Nenana at about 85-90mph to make up for lost time.

Luckily i had just passed a 65mph from 55mph speed sign so the ticket wasnt too bad. 2points and about 80 bucks. First ticket in about 2years. Anyway, thought id share. I hope the driver of the SS this winter wasnt a member on here. I hate hearing shit like that.

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I'm sure he personally pulled him out of the truck and put him in a bag.

Yeah. No shit.


No kidding. Our parking tickets are about that much here...Lol.

Yeah. It was pretty cheap. The 4-9s are nothing. the 10mph+ are like 200+ though. I got one a few years back coming back from the gym. Was like 6 points and 320 bucks just for doing 70 in a 55.


Didnt mean to be a debby downer and ruin peoples day with sad stories. I hope he just made it all up to try to teach me a lesson. "If you do 5mph over the speed limit, you die".

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I've only gotten down to 2 points. Never quite lost it luckily. I was driving like an 80year old woman when I had 2 points. And as soon as I got some back, I lost them again and hung around 2 points all through college and now finally I'm up to 10.

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