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408.Luke's SS Roller: 4-Link, Fab 9", Fuel Cell, DBRods Built,


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I'm putting my 2003 Silverado SS roller up for sale. The truck was built by Jon at DBRods in Austin, Texas, I ran the truck for about a year and have decided to build something different. The truck is basically a complete truck except engine/trans. I can also deliver the truck to pretty much any where in Texas, and can work out delivery with a buyer else where. Please feel free to ask any questions or request more pictures.

The truck has only been to the track once (was built for the street) and went 12.4x @ 130 with very very poor traction due to very bad track prep, non slicks, and poor burnout. The truck should cut 1.5 maybe 1.4 60' consistently with slicks and the right power plant.

Please E-mail me at [email protected]



-2003 Silverado SS, Black, Originally AWD w/ roughly 128,000 miles

-DBRods 4-Link suspension with Strange Coilovers

-Moser Fab-9" 35 spline axles, 4.10 gears, Spool

-Front Coilovers (strange), Tubular lower control arms, RWD Swap

-DBRods 20 Gallon Aluminum Fuel cell

-Complete fuel system (to engine) Areomotive A1000 Fuel Pump, 100 Micron Pre and 40 Micron post filters, -8 feed and return line, black nylon braided hose System has only run E85

-5x4.75 wheel bolt pattern Swap

-18" ZR1 knock off wheels, rears have bad tiers, Fronts +90% tread

-15"x10" Jegs 5-Stars with M&H 390's (~50% tread remaining)

-Interior has stock style cloth non power front seats (SS seats are gone but still has center console), rear seat area is gutted. Air fuel gauge in center console, and Areoforce gauge in over-head bin (no nitrous gauge included)

-Widened wheel tubs using stock inner wheel wells & new bed liner

-Stock engine wiring harness that has been stripped to essentials (no O2 sensors, oil level, coolant level, and a few other things)

-Rear mounted battery w/ cutoff switch on rear bumper, and Jumper leads in Fuel door

-Drive Shaft (2-piece) for 4L80e

-Trans Crossmember for 4L80e

-2SOONJR plates not included


-Custom DBRods 2" Primary headers w/ 3.5" collectors ($1200 obo)

-Custom DBRods 3" x-pipe exhaust with 2 Magnaflow 16" mufflers (500 obo)









Lower control Arms/front coilovers



Wheel Tubs/bed liner




Jumper posts




At TX2k12


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still trying to sell this thing luke? been for sale a LONG time now! best of luck. followed the build from the beginning...


Yeah im still trying to sell it, not may people are interested in a roller unfortunately


It's so beautiful! Hahaha I was dying laughing when I saw your license plate! Fast and furious FTW!



Haha Thanks! and those plates have been used a few times fast and furious style :wink:

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Bump! Sorry i haven't replied sooner, summer school has been hectic


So how do you turn it on?


What do you mean? I turn the Key


Haha id love to get a fuel cell, if only my truck wasnt a DD. Lol. Id love to run a custom Xpipe if my damn gas tank wasnt in the way!


Fuel cell's are DD-able no problem, People just look at me funny when i fill it up in the bed.


Badass truck man



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