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modification info? please HELP!


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Okay, i have an 03 ss silverado with headers, intake, electric fans, cooler thermostat, exhaust and a twin screw magnuson supercharger. Im looking to buy some cams and a torque conveter witj about a 3200 stall in it. What kind of cams do you all run or reccomend? I need to know exactly the dimensions and all. And what kind of torque converter? Do i have to change anything else for cams and a converter? And another question is would it hurt my truck to run more boost on it? Any info will help!!! Thanks in advance!! Trying not to lose my spot on our top 10 fastest vehicles list around here!!!

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It only CAM 1 in block and as far as spec I'd get with your tuner and see what he recommends for a blower cam ik there are a few good choices out there. Me personally I'm going NA. so my cams a lil bigger specd at 223/227 .637/.641 @112LSA @.050 duration it each build to their own what works for someone might not be best route for you but good luck making more HP. And keeping that top 10 spot. :cheers:

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