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Cheezehead's Blue Line-X Installation pics


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Hello, Gents! I hope everyone is fine and that all yer SS's are running superbly.


I just had a Line-X bed liner installed in my SS down in Newmarket Ontario. I decided to go with an Arrival Blue Metallic colour to match my truck. (small can of this paint - $80 Canadian). Eric Clayton and his crew did a magnificent job. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in the region and are thinking of getting this done. The process was smooth, fast and painless. My colour application which included the UV protectant took only 1 1/2 hours. A straight black application only takes these guys approx. 45 min. They are highly skilled and professional in their approach and are easy to deal with. Their number if anyone is interested is (905) 836-0707. Ask for Eric. I'm not sure if endorsements are allowed on this site, but I'm just trying to help you guys any way I can.


The process is this: remove the tailgate, tape and cover the truck completely, sand down the bed and tailgate, remove contaminants and dust completely, spray box and tailgate, apply UV protectant, uncover truck and re-install tailgate. DONE!


Here are the pics. and to all of you where-ever you are, HAVE A NICE DAY, EH!!

















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Thanx guys, and yer right, sanding down the box really hurts and it was especially traumatic for me as they handed me the sandpaper for the ceremonial scarring.


I don't make enough money to get the therapy I'll need to get that outta my mind :nonod:


I'm puttin' on a Raider hard tonneau cover on Monday. I'll see if I can get some close up shots of it for those who are thinkin' of puttin' one on but are unsure of which one to get.


Later guys, and keep on smilin'

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was just wondering how close the color matches in the light and if they have a warrenty for the colored line-x?


I'll take some pictures in the light before I get the tonneau cover put on. The guy at Line-x didn't really say he would warranty the colour but he said that in the 3 years he's been in business he hasn't heard of or seen a bedliner's colour fade very much. This hasn't been a real issue for me as I am going with a hard tonneau cover, but if your interested, you can give them a call at (905) 836-0707. Ask for Eric. He can answer your question. As for me, since it wasn't an issue I can't really remember what he said in regard to a warranty. I don't think he does.


A couple of guys got the coloured line-x and have noted that the colour looks different at different angles ( a lighter or darker colour at different angles and lighting ), according to the guys at line-x that is, but I never really noticed any real colour differences in the light. It looks awesome!!! Nobody noticed it either.


I'll post some pics tomorrow ;) :thumbs:

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