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JAG Performance.

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I ordered a shift kit, servo, and accumulator from JAG Performance this week. I'm quite happy with their service.


1st: Sent an email in the afternoon inquiring about the kits. Email replied to promptly.


2nd: Sherri (I'm real bad with names, I really hope I got that right), answered the phone, and was very nice/helpfull. She was able to get the kit on the truck for me, before herself and Joe left for a couple of days. She gave me Joe's personal cell phone number to call during those two days, in case I had any issues.


3rd: I didn't realize Joe was on this site, but he sent me a PM reminding me that I can feel free to call him, after I posted a number of shift kit install questions in the tranny section on the site.


It's rare that I run into such a good business...



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Sheri, haven't got around to it yet...


I'm going to get my converter in first, so I don't have to (or want to) go back into the tranny to possibly bump up the shift firmness for it.


I'm planning on getting dirty within the next two weeks. :)

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Joe does some good work. he rebuilt / hardened and added a shift kit to my tranny and it's held up great. I have some major HP upgrades and his tranny build up has made the most of em.


You can't go wrong with JAG

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