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I just wanted to take the time to let everyone know of an incident that happened early this evening.


One of my good friends, Mark Gonzales, owner and admin of www.f-bodyhideout.com, has had someone break in and steal the information from his server and mail all of his users. This email claims that his site is no longer around, and that they should go to a "new" site, created by the person who stole Marks information.


The name of the site is www.f-bodyforums.com, and the name of the person who stole the info is Brian Tolbert.


What this guy did is devious and highly illegal. I urge everyone to boycott this website and this man at all costs. He is only up to no good!!


This is the fake email i got

Dear former F-body Hideout member,


A sad day has come to us all.  A day when personal opinions and ego's get in the way of friendships, and websites.  You may have noticed that you have not been able to access the Message Board.  Don't worry, everything will be taken care of shortly.  A new website has been created and will be active very soon.  In an effort to preserve what was and will forever be lost, comes www.f-bodyforums.com .  There is no need to re-register, and start all over again from scratch.  Your user information has all been saved.  Login, and join us...  as we carry on the legacy that we have already created.


A new email will be sent out when our new URL is activated...





F-body Forums Administrator


To read more, please see this thread...



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