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Starr Performance


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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else had look at this company? They seem to be big in LS 1 perfornamce stuff in Australia. Here are some links to a two part article on a AWD 500HP wagon with an LS 1 with an intercooled Whipple.


Part One

Part Two


Surely someone could import that intake and make some big HP on a Stroker!!




PS: 400KW = 536 HP

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I've talked with them directly.  For the 600HP (2.3L) version they want ~$9,800.  Don't know how much for the 1,000HP (3.3L) version, but I would imagine it's considerably more.



I remeber this being brought up earlier, but didn't know it was Starr Performance.


The price however, :crazy:

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That's $9,800 U.S.


Here's an email I received from Dan Faber back in July, in case you guys are interested...


Hi Kevin,


Thank you very much for your interest.


Our kit is extremely comprehensive and contains:

- Custom blower manifolds

- Patented water to air intercooler with heat exchanger

- custom remote drive set up

- designed to fit completely under the bonnet of a GTO

- fly wheel power (on GTO) of approx 550HP


The kit sells for US$9,800 based on current exchange rates.  Although a

premium price, this kit is extremely comprehensive and well worth the cost.

in your case, I would definitely opt for the 2300 unit as this is good for



By the way, we have just completed a 406 ci pickup with our kit (3300 unit)

which is producing 750HP at the rear wheels!!


Hope this helps.  Thanks


Dan Faber

Business Manager


P.      (03) 9894 8860

F.      (03) 9894 8488

M.      0412 66 77 82

E.      [email protected]

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did he give you a price for the intake???

I seem to recall reading somewhere a while back that they wanted like US$2000-2500 for just the intake adapter plate - no blower, nothing else. Maybe Kevin knows for sure..?

I didn't ask about just the intake...however, all of Dan's info is there, so one of you guys can write him an email and ask if you like.

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