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One more SSS meets the asphalt


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Hey, you're just 175 miles south of me. I'm in Blackfoot, Idaho. I got my red SS last Friday. I talked to a gentleman in Park City last week at Jackman engine. He said he could install a Procharger intercooled supercharger for $4200. According to Procharger's claims that should put the SS up around 550 to 570 h.p. Would that be enough? He also said the computer may need to be sent off to be recalibrated due to our elevation. I'm thinking about doing it. Just wondered if you've heard of the place. I've heard the procharger and the whipple intercooled superchargers should yeild about the same results. Anyway, congrats on the SS and let me know if you've heard anything good or bad about that shop.

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