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I am having a nightmare with this procharger! took the cats off and installed electronic cutouts. Lost 3 lbs of boost(p1sc)(have had 11 psi), ordered the new pulley and now cannot get a belt to fit 1105k6 is too long & 1080k6 is too short, cannot find anything in between. What is up with the belt replacement anyway? It literally takes 2 hours everytime I change it! Does anyone know of a short-cut? :banghead:

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The more free flowing the exhaust is the less pressure you will measure at the manifold. It isn't as though your charger is flowing less, it still forces the same amount of air, your motor is just using it better.


I also had problems trying to find the right sized belt, but in changing my pulley too, I found as long as the tensioner has some travel left then it is just fine.


My next belt is going to be a Good Year Gator Belt I love those things. I would hope it would also help in iliminating belt slip too. ;)


It looks like the attached site I have shows a 1090 for you too. :thumbs:

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