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i'd recomend a corsa, pcmforless, and the airbox thing is kinda up in the air right now. i'd probably recomend the volant with ram air tube though or stock box with k&n filter.


:withstupid: My only suggestion is stick with the stock air box with the K&N.....


If you find $2000 heads and cam will wake up your SS......

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To me I couldn't spend $700 on a catback. I would keep stock pipes, and put a magnaflow muffler on it. Get a PCMforless.com tune instead of a reprogrammer for optimal performance and it is cheaper, but if you really want a programmer I have heard more good thing about superchips over predator. I have a stock airbox with a filter, but I have heard tons of good things about a procold intake, also the true flow, or AEM Brute Force.



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