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Yank 3000tt, Billet Servos, Shift Kit Done

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Well I got my truck back from the trany shop yesterday. Had the Yank 3000tt Put in with billet servos, oversized preasure boost valve, and metal acculator pistons all coutesy of PAC. Man does this truck move nowl. This thing is very snotty comming out of first. You almost nead a HANS device in the truck. Also got a custom tune from Wester's Garage. Everything looks good right now I am just waiting for winter to pass so I can go with a Radix.

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Well the converter cost me $800 and the rest of the stuff cost me about $200. The trany shop charged me another $700 to do all the work. The best site to go and check this stuff out is http://www.converter.cc/ and http://www.4l60-e.com/. They are very infomative. You can call PAC and just wrap with them about all this stuff they know their stuff. Yank on the other hand is tuff to get a hold of.

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