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Indiana Gathering

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I have found several people that are from Indiana, and I would love to get together some time! I know I have spoke to several people from around Indianapolis, and I would be happy to travel to meet up with you (it is about an 1 1/2 hour from my house to Indy). I know some of these people should reply:


indibuck: layafette (close enough, right)

Blown94Cobra: Terre Haute

MWarren: south of Indianapolis

Hot Rod Truck: Indianapolis


And I am sure there are many more, so let me know, and if you want to meet one weekend, I am game!



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Sounds good to me. Looking at the list maybe Avon/Plainfield/Danville area would be more centrally located. I've got a couple buddies with SS (Arrival Blue '03/ another Black '04) that would come along as well. Don't know if they ever signed up here yet. Let's hear from some other Indiana owners!



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As soon as we get some more guys in, we will set a date and time. Please let me know if there are certain days that are better. Personally, a Saturday or even better, a Sunday would work great. When we get ready, I will PM Mervz to get this a site sponsored event!



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Don't everyone speak at once! :D


Here is what I am thinking.....


Let's set a tentative date:


Date: Sunday, November 6th, 2004


Time: TBA


Place: Indianapolis (possibly Avon area, but this too is TBA)


In the meantime, let's put some ideas on the table of where we can meet!





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