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New England Dragway 10/22/04??


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Does anyone want to go to New England Dragway this Friday night?

I am thinking about trying a hundred shot hoping for low 13's.

I need to get a new Fuel pressure saftey switch, and get my heater working again.

I guess I got a couple days to get it straightened out. The track closes in 1 week here and I want to give the nitrous a try at the track before the blower goes on.

Any takers???



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Bowling, Drag Racing.......obviously our priorities are different.  :P



Bwaaahahahaha.. :devil:

Sorry Jay, Jason has a point..lol

Just in fun Brother...



The rest of the bower parts showed up today, so now I have to decide if I want to install the Radix or go with a Turbo or maybe the Vortech with the aftercooler???

Now that I have everything for the blower now, and it is too late for this racing season to get her on and tuned she most likely will be up for sale. I think I will have to go bigger and badder over the winter than the Radix kit. I got some time now to think about which way I want to go anyway..

Oh, and Jason, I want 12's so someone bring a flat bed for me because the jets are going to keep going up til I get a 12 second slip or I skirt out ..haha :thumbs:



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Yah I know it is sad Vinnie, no more "Shooting for 9's" posts for me for a while..lol :banghead:

12's and low 13's is pretty slow, but for these big heavy bricks I will be happy when I get into the 12's for little while.. :cheers:

Thanks for the good whishes..talk to you soon.. :thumbs:



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