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RADIX today

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I Installed one about two weeks ago. Took me under 6 hours to complete. Install went very smooth. Most of the parts in the kit are gm parts. The truck has been very reliable with the radix as well. The superchips tune is pretty economical to say the least so when I get more free time to work on my own stuff its tune and gauge install time for me.

You may need someone to help you take your fuel tank down if you have a 2004. and you may need someone to help you lift the setup on to the engine. If your a big enough guy like myself don't worry you can bench the tank in and out and just becareful with the intake gaskets and lowering the blower on to the motor. you don't want to pinch em. It is nice to have a helper if you can keep any around without killing them unlike myself So working alone may be good therapy for you like me :D

You say never installed one on a LQ9 so I guess you may know some of this stuff if you installed on another vehicle. I really found it hard to screw up. The kit is awesome! Good luck & Enjoy



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