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another hemi bits the dust


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i ll make this short and sweet... i was on my way to pick up dinner and i pulled up to a blue dodge pickup the 4 door and i seen the hemi badge on the fender...i really wasnt paying attention...anyway when i stopped i was a little ahead of him...so the light turned green and we both pulled off normally and then he got on it then i floored it for and about a second we were side by side and then i started to pull away further and further...he kept on it but i was still pulling on him... then i ran up on traffic so i slowed down ...he stayed back and my turn was coming up so i turned but i blew the horn as he passed... i handed another dodge owner his horns







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:thumbs: those hemi owners are quite pesky

That's because Dodge really hasn't had a vehicle worth a @#%! since the late 60's (except for the Viper, which is out of most people's price range anyway). As far as trucks go... before the current style pickup, they haven't had a decent truck since... well, never. So now that they are finally producing a decent truck, those Dodge guys are a little excited... that's why they are so "pesky". Their excitement has been a long time coming. I've noticed that they are all pretty aggressive - they'll try to race anything out there. Kind of like the ricers around here - they don't know how to pick a good race. :crackup:

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