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Frame bodyshop ?


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:banghead: Ok heres the short story. Got hit by a car in the pass side just short of the front bumper. Wheel took all of impact and A-arm area attached to frame. Now the frame is "Tweeked" A-arm is junk and ajuster is wanting to "reconditon" the wheel. I am not shure that with the all wheel drive system ect that this is going to be as easy a fix as what he thinks. Have any of you had a S.S. with front damage that can relate any storys good or bad? Was it ever the same agian? My body guy is 120% :thumbs: so the frame and other damage is my only ???? I know I am not giving you much to work with but. Figure this I was hit by a honda car :wtf: which then spun and took out the bed. So it had quite a bit of force. The steering wheel is off all most a full turn! :wtf: Thanks
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If the frame is bad enough, here in MA they'll throw a whole new frame under the truck rather than total it.


My Avalanche was hit in the back pretty bad. My frame rails were kinked down at more than a 45* angle to the ground. They pulled it, reinforced, and undercoated - it was hard to tell anything was done.


I'm not sure about reconditioning the wheel or anything, but I honestly wouldn't be overly concerned about the frame.


I could not tell my truck was hit (9K in damage front and rear), after it was repaired.


sorry about the mess though...

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