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2004 Vortec High Output for sale

Beige Bullet

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**Delete. Truck is sold.



2004 Chevrolet LS Ext-Cab

Vortec High Output Package

Sandstone Metallic with Graphite Int.

6.0L 345HP H.O.

20" Factory Chrome Rims

40/20/40 Front seat

Single CD with XM

Ext. Mirror package with blinkers

Sliding back glass

Sprayed in bedliner

Tinted windows

IMCO muffler with dumps

Everything else is stock

3400 miles

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Yeah, I bought this and was going to sell my GMC 2500 HD. I have not had too much luck with that, and owe less on this VHO. So I thought that might be a better option at this point. I figured that this would be the best place to start with and see if there was any interest.

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There were less than 1000 made.


Didn't know they were that rare??? :confused:


Not trying to hi-jack your thread here... but if there was less than a 1000 made how does the dealer I bought my truck at have at least 8 of them on their lot right now? And aren't they supposed to continue production into next year? :confused:

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Hamur is the one that quoted 957 made in model year 2004 and only available in the states of LA, OK, and TX b/c of CAFE smog laws. I believe he works at the GM plant that produces these trucks. They were only schedule to make 3000 to begin with, but the demand was not strong enough to warrant full production.


Not sure how they made it to Cali, unless they traded for them. Appearance package "Spring Special" only comes in Indigo Blue.


The word is that there are very few if any to be found in TX and 4 or 5 in OK. GM has not "officially" announced when and if any 2005 VHO's will be produced, unless that is what you spotted in Upland.


They are definately more rare than SS's at this point, but not as loaded with all the options. So somewhat of a toss up.


Also, if it does not have a C19N in the VIN, its not a VHO. K19N for the SS. The N is the Vortec 6000 engine.

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