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2005 Corvette Navigation


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I'd be really surprised if it would work. The navi setup (as well as the majority or the electronics) on the C6 are unique to it and new this year. Thats not to say it can't work... I just question the justification for it when for a fraction of the effort you could just buy an aftermarket setup. Also what about the GPS antennas, sensors, etc.??? Is he including all of that as well??? :confused:

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Hey Dylan, My concern is that is it 2 DIN, for what I am paying for it trust me I can get my money back. It has everything but the nav disk. Here is my question to you, since you have seen one do you think it will fitt our dash? thanks for any help.

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I really don't think it's worth it. Chances are the sensors and GSM is on the data buss. It wouldn't look right in the dash anyhow. It's color and finish is a little off, I think.


Look into a Nav from an Escalade, or after market if you really what Nav.


$250....Are you sure it's not hot?

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