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Third time is a charm

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Ok some of you guys know about all the hard luck I have had with these darn Silverado SS's.

Brief storry: My first SS was an 03 black and it got stollen from my driveway on a hard rainy night including about 2000.00 of custom parts for a jeep I have been building.


My second SS was an 04 black and about 3 weeks ago I had a 17 year old kid hit me doing about 80 to 85 as I was coming off a one lane bridge. The truck rolled

2-1/2 times and landed on its top... To say the least the paramedic, one of the cops and the towtruck driver said that they have never seen a full sized vehicle get this much damage and not hurt anyone or even kill the people inside. I truly have been blessed, and I will try to get some pictures and have someone post them for me.


Now I am getting another black SS. It is an 05 that I had my sister store dealer trade for me. The only thing is it showed up today and it does not have chrome wheels. I did not think this was an option anymore??? On top of that one that they had found for me last week came in with a cassette radio. Whats up with that...


Anyway they are going to have the wheels chromed or traded out so It should all work out.


Wish me luck on keeping this one for more than 6 months. Im betting that I am the only one that has had an 03, 04 and an 05 Silverado SS???


JOSH :dunno:

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Sorry to hear about the bad luck. :(


I can belive the cassett/no chrome options, only because there are going to be 05 SS's that are dressed DOWN (this topic has been talked about before, and you can find our opinions about it, which aren't very nice to say the least). On the good side, I think you have had more SS's than anyone on this site! :D

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good luck....'05 SSR?? :D

With LS2?


No its no the SSR its the Silverado SS and I just picked it up. I really like the electric fans. It is a real clean set up and opened up tons of room under the hood.


This one is the first I have had thats had onstar. Dont know if I will use it any after the trial period is over. They took off the wheels and installed the (add on 20 inch 7 or 8 spoke chrome wheels) untill mine get back from being chromed, so it will look right.


I guess I will have to get on the ball with the mods again and change my sig.



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Sorry to hear about the 04 getting smashed up, I didn't know that, but I do remember the 03 being stolen from your driveway.


I hope you have good luck with the 05. Post pics of both the wrecked 04 SS and your new one. :thumbs:

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I will post pictures soon of both. It will be monday or tuesday though... The top was smashed all the way down with only about a half inch betwen the roof and the headrests. I had to crawl out the rear window that is smached about 8 inches..


God was on my side.


The only thing on the 05 that has been strange to get used to is the electric fans turning when I sut it off, ***sounds real cool***



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No I did not want the sunroof. It is a cool option but I do not think it fits the truck. Also with me liking black so well, I did not want any more interior heat than I already have. I did see a picture that the dealership had of it and it looked good, just not for me...


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Josh, A couple of questions.

1. What do you think about the brakes on the 05? Are they Drum on the rear or disk?

2. Do you see any difference on the cladding so far as fit and finish? Better, worse or same as your other trucks?



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