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Dual Zone A/C


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Went on a trip today with the wife about 180 miles round trip. Coming back thought I would try out the heater (little cool) and I slide both manual controls up to the top for high heat. Heat worked fine, roasted us, then I slide both bars to the bottom for no heat. Heat cut off on the drivers side and wifes side would not cut off even though it was on the bottom for no heat at all :crazy: Fiddled with it all the way home and no luck, heat would not turn off on her side. Even turned the AC on and her side was blazing hot heat with AC on :crazy: Got home cut truck off and about 10 minutes later drove it around the block, no problems everthing with the heat or no heat was working perfectly. Maybe another computer flake :confused: Anyway, I am looking into having the digital system installed also, even before this debacle that happened today.

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