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Man alot of talk about thermostats in the last month. I have a Hypertech and had one on my last truck. Never have had a problem with either. If you get any t-stat and it doesn't seem to be working correctly, it's easy and quick to change. Hypertech is an easy risk to take and it's easy enough to change back if you have problems or not happy with it.

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If you need a how-to on a thermo install, I would suggest a Haynes manual. There may not be one out for the SS specifically, but any one for a '99-03 Chevy/GMC 4.8/5.3/6.0 will work. Everything is pretty much still the same. Use my old one all the time.

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I you need a how to on the thermostat you shouldn't be messin in there

I agree, Tim. But, I also believe you have to start somewhere. We all did. A Haynes manual will give the confidence needed to do most things on this truck. Only ability you really need is the ability to follow directions.

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