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Keep modifying the SS or get an R1


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I would go for the R1, or in my case offcourse a CBR FireBlade... I guess it's better to have more toys then just 1 complete.. And what is complete after all.


Our toylist is growing slowly but steady. Now 2 cars, 2 motor cycles and a pocket bike. Super Motard on its way...



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I would say do both also, but if you are gonna get a bike you should realize now, that your gonna crash eventually, even if you are a great rider, it just happens. So make sure you have a good insurance company, because bikes are expensive to fix, but at least by going with a Yamaha, they are the least expensive to fix. Honda is most expensive to fix. :smash:

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I say get the bike! Although I love my SSS, it will never give me the kind of feeling that a bike will, especially the acceleration! I'm all about instant gratification! :thumbs:


Here's mine.....



Serious Black,

Nice Busa! :cheers:


Late- Alex

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I think I will do both. I found someone with an 04 R1 who has to get rid of it because he's moving into an apartment. Says he'll cough it up to me for 7k! :smash: I am sold. And the rest of my truck is somewhere around 6k for rims and engine work.


Thanks for the opinions. :thumbs:

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I used to be big into motorcycles, but they really lost their flare with me lately.


I've got a 2000 R1.. had it since new. Been riding the street for 10 years now. The bike is fun, but it's not THAT fun when you compare it to a 250cc two stroke motocross bike.


With the R1 - it's VERY hard to legally have fun. It beats me up when I drive it around town. Boring as hell on the highway, or commuting. It's a fun wheelie bike, but that's playing russion roulette - you're bound to either crash or get busted.


The dirtbike - After you've found a legal riding spot: Wheelies in every gear, anywhere and anytime you want. All day long. Stoppies too. Crashes? Who cares? I cartwheel my dirtbike once a ride - pick it up, kick it, and try that thing again. ...and then there is jumping.


The dirtbike absolutely scares the CRAP out of me every time I ride it. The R1 - it's a pussycat. It's boring unless you're doubling the speed limit.


I'm going to either lose my license or injure/kill myself on the R1. It's got to go. There is no doubt the dirtbike contributed to my crazyness on the R1... but... I'd definitely put a vote in for a dirtbike instead.

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Although not the worst thing to ever happen, I got a reckless driving ticket on my motorcycle about 2 weeks ago for doing 120 in a 70.


It's probably going to cost me $500-$600 after it's all said and done not including what my insurance will do.


I like the speed but after "wasting" :banghead: that much $$$, it makes it not as much fun anymore. Granted the same could be said adding more HP to the truck.


I see the appeal of dirt bikes, I just don't like getting that dirty and muddy then getting into my vehicle.


I'd say go for more SS power so you can use it everyday. (Never thought I say that over a sportbike).

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