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Just found this site.

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I just got a 2005 Silverado SS and in searching for some things, found this site.
Hoping I'll be able to find some info that will help me with some things I'd like to do to the truck.

It's kind of plain right now.



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This truck is one of those where when I went to buy a rig, I had something entirely different in mind.
I'm a truck guy. I work on fleet trucks, HD trucks and heavy equipment.
So I had a 4x4 in mind. Chevy or Toyota.

Well, the ones they had really didn't do it for me.
And for what ever reason, I kept gravitating to this one.
The price was right, it was loaded with options, it has power coming out it's ears, it's AWD and the SS was a plus.
So somehow, I ended up going home with it.

I grew up dealing with Chevy hot rods in a time when an 8 track tape stereo was an option. LOL!

Yes, I'm old. So this was kind of the little kid in me kicking in.

The nice thing is, she's pretty much a clean slate. So while she's a little plain looking, there are a lot of possibilities.

It will haul things, do what I need it to do and I get an SS without having to buy a Camaro.
Not saying Camaros are bad or anything, just that at my age, crawling into a car isn't that appealling to me, if that makes sense.

My apologies. I didn't include where I am from.
I am from the Oregon North coast.

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