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Navigation stereo swap question

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In the future, I'd like to swap out the stereo in this truck with a navigation stereo.
I have one in my service truck and kind of got spoiled by it.

So my question is, for those folks with trucks in the era of my 05, have you done the swap?

If so, what unit did you go with and are you happy with it and does it work with the steering wheel controls?

I'm looking for a unit that has the GPS, bluetooth, microsd slot and that sort of thing.
I've looked at the Android units and seem pretty good, but I'm a mechanic, not a stereo person, so I'm kind of lost on this stuff.

My service truck was easy, because it's a medium duty truck with no airbag, steering controls or any of that. So it was a straight forward install, just had to add the mic for the bluetooth and wire in the back up camera.

I'm hoping to at least get some ideas of units that people have had good luck with and like.
Plus maybe find out if there are any to stay away from.


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I may have found the answer I was looking for.
There was a youtube video about a Pioneer AVH-4400BH install and the guy listed all of the things he needed.


Here is the link to it, if anyone is interested.




But I'm still interested in hearing what ones others like.

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I installed a Pioneer AVH-8400BH in my 03. It is not bad. The harnesses can look a little scary at first, but it is all color coordinated and comes with good instructions. Mine has steering wheel controls, so there are a few extra connections to make, but no big deal. I soldered all of my connections, so it took a little longer, but that is not necessary. It was my first install and it went perfectly. Also, you can buy a capacitor off Ebay that will eliminate the parking brake requirement so you can play DVDs while driving. Crutchfield will no sell them, but Ebay does. I suppose its a safety/liability issue for them? IDK? Good luck on your install.

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I have an avic-940bt , you will need the gmos-04 and the aswc-1 to retain steering wheel controls , I would stay away from those android units and get a pioneer or kenwood

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I think I'm leaning toward the Pioneer.
I like the XM radio, so the one I looked at had everything I wanted and with all the stuff and install, I'm looking at about $1,000 and I won't have to mess with it. LOL!


Now I just have to figure out what I'm gonna give up to offset the thousand bucks. LOL!

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