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AC won't shut off.


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So on the way home I had the AC on but like a few blocks away I decided to turn it off and get fresh air So I turned it off and notice the AC motor was still blowing didn't think to much of it But then I got home and noticed my AC motor was still Blowing air & will not shut off even with the key out of the ignition. Any suggestions where I should start? Or what I can do or fix

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I can almost guarantee it's your blower resistor. Look for it up under the glove compartment. The same thing happened on both my old SSS and my TBSS. It hasn't happened yet on my current truck, but I'm expecting it to eventually.


Here is the video (I think) I used to show how to replace it..



When you replace it, be sure and check the harness that plugs into the resistor too, because they will often burn up too. The good news, is you can get both the resistor and the pigtail harness together for dirt cheap on ebay.

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