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Picked up a new SS last week


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couldn't resist again lol. picked this up locally from a guy who just didn't need it anymore. the car was a good price needs a little work and tlc but overall not bad. its a 99 real SS with factory SLP options t56 with 71k. figured i would share it with the SS crowd since Im never on this website anymore. the car goes into the body shop next week to get the hood and mirrors resprayed there all peeled and faded. already have a few packages in the mail for it also lol





replaced the dash yesterday. it was cracked everywhere






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thanks all. its my second 4th gen fbody i regretted selling my last one so i plan on keeping this for a while. they are fun cars but i would never daily drive it. way to uncomfortable lol. a little more updates for it. fed ex dropped this off yesterday :thumbsup: :thumbsup:. thats just the beginning


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Nice!!! I had the same car in black. The same exhaust, a few other goodies, & a complete suspension set up. She hooked & booked, best ever 12.65 @ 108 loved it and miss it. Big family and small car, Lost that battle with the wife trying to keep it.........Anyways, nice ride and have fun.

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the water spots on the windows are so bad and so extensive that not even my porter cable would get them out. i ended up ordering chemical guys water spot remover and picked up a huge bag of 000 steel wool. after 2 hours i managed to get 1 window spot free







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I do approve! Also, I second the negative on DD status, not in a 4th gen, thank you. Great toys, horrible daily. Hell, I don't even like to DD the GTO, lol. :) By the way,They look good behind an SSS ;)






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