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Can I still lurk after this?


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I'll try to make this short... (don't you hate when people say that, you just "know" it's going to be followed by a long bunch of drivel...:) )


Sometime ago the local ford dealer (where I've bought 4 new trucks in the last 8 years) really messed over me in a large way. I posted about it, I got replies (completely unsatisfactory) from one of the sales men who basically said "It's not my probelm and not "my" customer." and I printed the threads and returned them with the stealership "satisfaction" surveys.


Never have heard one single word from the dealership in any official capacity.


I've been very unhappy about, to say the least.




Yesterday, the wife went to look at cars (she's tired of her Z3) and I told her that if she found something expensive that she liked, just to trade the lightning in on it.




Here's what she came home with. The truck is gone.


I hope you will continue to let me lurk here. I've really enjoyed reading the posts and learning about things. If not, Best of luck to you all...





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Thank you for all of the positive replies gentlemen! I sure do appreciate it. :up:


In general..


Yes, she IS a keeper. I had to kiss a "bus" load of frogs to find a princess, and I'm going to keep her happy if at all possible. :D


The truck is gone on trade, I'm driving the Z3 (much like a power skateboard :P ) until we sell it, then, well, I really don't know. I haven't ruled anything out.


I don't want a payment, so a 5k or so older car, maybe an early 90's stang, or an old chevelle, or??? who knows. I suppose it will mostly be about availability when the time comes. I'd like a vert, I've gotten spoiled by them...


And if you'd like a ride, just stop by and we'll go... :driving::cheers:


Thank you again for letting me stay, I'll try to behave.


My best...



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