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Subs thumping every few seconds....

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I have a pretty large system. Two Audiobahn 12's. A JL Audio 500x1 mono amp, Boston pro interior speakers, and a Alpine V12 amp powering those. A 1 fared cap. My head unit is a old Alpine CDA-D855 ( came out in like 2002). When the subs thump I can tap the head unit, the music stops for a second, and then you hear another thump and then the subs stop doing this for a short time. This process continues. I'm thinking the amp in my head unit took a dump.

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As long as your subs are not plugged into a amplified speaker output (they probably aren't) the head unit amp wouldn't affect the subs at all. The thumping could be several things but since you say taping the head unit causes it to happen I would say your sub connection, or maybe ground connection on the head unit may be loose or bad.




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The subs thump without me tapping the head unit as well. It seems when I tap on the head unit, it clears things up a bit for a small while. But the volume will also go down, tap the head unit again and the head unit works like it should.

The only other thing I can think of is bad RCA wires since those are also from 2002. Lol

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