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Regular Belltech Street Performance Shocks with a 2/2 drop


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Alight guys so I have a little dilemma. My truck has 95k on it and the shocks are completely blown, the ride is horrible and they need to be replaced. I bought the OE height Belltech Street Performance Shocks and plan on putting them on. But I also plan on dropping the truck 2/2 either next summer or next fall once I get back from deployment and the truck is paid off. Question is, how will the ride quality be with the 2/2 drop and the OE height Belltech Street Performance Shocks, compared to the 2 inch lowering Belltech Street Performance Shocks. Thanks in advance!

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Ok,just to clarify. If I run the 2/2 belltech drop with OE height Street Performance Shocks I will be fine? I don't want the ride being too rough. I'm assuming the only negative effect will be that my shocks will wear quicker. Can anyone chime in?

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