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04 in VA Beach


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Looking to start building on my 04 5.3L never really did the forum thing before but a friend recommended me do it for good deals on parts and potential help with ideas and questions I may end up having. Looking forward to maybe getting to know a few of you and getting some help to build a bad ass truck.

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It would help if you posted your goals, N/A or F/I, drag truck or weekend warrior

I am torn between building out the 5.3 and just finding a 5.7 or even a 6.0 I have heard a lot of good thing about the 5.3 if done right. I know that Summit racing has a LS6 upgrade package that will bold right on up for a fairly good price. I trying to do a big build on a small budget kind of thing. I had a buddy few years back that had a WS6 with cam, rear gears, stall, full exhaust, tune and if I remember correctly a 150shot wet system. Car was nasty and didn't really have a lot into it for how it acted. Been talking with a guy that has forgotten more than I know about chevy engines and is old school in his ways witch I like. When I'm done Id like to see around 650 maybe 7 at the wheels and still be able to drive it daily if I wanted to. I'm looking to put the SS front end on it "bumper, grill ect" and would like to find the factory SS wheels for when I'm not at a track. A sleeper is ultimately what I want in the end. The interior is also a little worn I will be looking for a center arm rest and lid "current one broken", HVAC control unit, and maybe two front door skins as well as a few other things. I'm looking to try to make her like new again.

Welcome aboard! Any pictures of your truck currently?

I realized last night that they are on the external hd witch is at my friends. I will be taking a few probably this weekend and will post them here.

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Welcome. In all honesty, I wouldn't worry about the 5.7. You can usually find a 6.0 for around the same price, or a lot of times, even less. When the LS1 finally let go in my Trans Am, I was strapped for cash, so I picked up a 5.3 for $250. I figured with it being that cheap, it would get me back on the road until I could save for something better. It's proven to be a great little engine for next to nothing, so I'll probably keep it and go turbo. If you're planning on boosting, the 4.8/5.3 is a good option, because they can take a good bit of abuse and stay fairly reliable. And even if you do blow it up, they're a dime a dozen. Good luck with the build.

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