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Did then hydro boost conversion


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Well, I spent Saturday out back wrenching on the SSS. Studied up on the hydro boost conversion and dove right in. I figured that I would run into a snag or two, but was pleasantly a straight forward project. I went with a new AC delco power steering pump instead of t-ing the low pressure hose. Also, I chose to drill the one hole in the fire wall that didn't line up with the hole from the vacuum booster. I didn't see it mentioned in the links that I studied, but I had to clearance the top of the large hole about 1/4" to get the booster to fit . That was easily done with a de burring bit on the die grinder. Special thanks to Jason (D1SCSS) for a great deal on all the parts to do the conversion!!!

Since it went so smooth, I also swapped the front brakes over to the 07' Tahoe loaded calipers and rotors. The whole project took about 7 hours, I did have my 6 year old boy helping me, so that made it go a lot quicker.

I will say that the conversion was worth every penny and I didn't think it would be such an improvement. It feels so much firmer on stops, now its time for more horse power!

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What is this hydro boost? This sounds like something I may want.


Yup. You want it. The hydro boost booster takes the place of the vacuum booster in standard power brake set-up.


It is powered by hydraulic fluid pumped by the power steering pump.


Do a search. You'll come up with a lot of info.

Here ya go. I did a quick search. Happy reading.



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