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What's a good autotransfer company


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Reliable Carriers


I called them when I purchased my SS and they transported it from Massachusetts to Wisconsin for me in one of the enclosed car hauler trailers.

Reliable is one of the best but you will pay top dollar. GM and Ford use them to ship show and concept cars if that gives you any idea. In one of my moves I called them for a price to ship my Camaro and it was a LOT. It all boils down to if your wanting inclosed or open trailer.... The open is obviously a lot cheaper. One company I've used during my many relocations is DAS dependable auto shippers. A lot of relocation companies use them they offer both open and inclosed. They use a "terminal" system so they can offer door to door or if your willing to save money you can take or pickup vehicle from a location usually a local tow company they work with. You save a bunch by not having dropped at your door as they pickup and drop at a central location. I would shop around as rates vary a lot from company to company. If your looking for names there are a bunch of haulers listed in Hemmings if you pick up a copy. Also ask how much insurance a company has and if they handle damage or make you use your insurance. I have moved 5 times in 15 years from coast to coast and being a car guy have shipped my babies a few times so I know a thing or two about shipping cars unfortunately......

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My Silverado SS was shipped by Reliable Carriers from Massachusetts to western Wisconsin and it cost me $1,804.00 to have them do it. That wasn't a bad price and that was for one of their enclosed car hauler tractor trailer semi trucks to go get it and transport it over to my location.

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Are you looking for full clone, what motor are you looking for?


Heres a new one that popped up. A 2001 with 05 front clip, has the SS dash upside down. 6.2. Not fully cladded.



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Same here, you do have to becareful, alot of them state full SS interior, the regular cabs interior is a different code color, SS is 692, mine has the SS seats, door skins, SS dash insert, mirrors, but the steering wheel is a regular cab with no controls, I will change that to a Grant Wheel with controls. Change carpet to Charcoal color and probably find the right dash pad.

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